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bmw sway bar

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Like this site? It's easier than ever to show your appreciation. Like all modern vehicles, a BMW is equipped with suspension components called stabilizer bars, also referred to as sway bars. They are designed to redistribute the weight of the vehicle in turns and can have far reaching effects on the vehicle's handling properties. My sport-package equipped is, for example, has slightly larger stabilizer bars on the front and rear of the vehicle to complement the factory lowering springs by reducing body roll.

I'm not a BMW technician. This article is provided freely for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be instructional in nature. Use of the information in this article is entirely at your own risk. See my site's Terms of Service for more information regarding the usage of content provided by this site.

When the wheels are asymmetrically loaded one up, one down stabilizer bars exhibit the dangers associated with the stored energy of a compressed spring. Do NOT jack only one wheel at a time or you are bound to injure yourself when the energy in the bar is violently released. Unless you really know what you're doing i. Failure to use the correct hardware may result in damage to something or someone.

Stabilizer bars accomplish their goal in part by tying the left and right wheels of a particular axle together. The end link can take many forms, but on the E36 BMW the front end links consist of a metal-sleeved rubber bushing on one end and a ball joint on the other, while the rear end links are simpler — a metal-sleeved rubber bushing on one end and a plain rubber bushing on the other. The ball joint on the front end links allows the flexibility required as the suspension geometry changes throughout its range of motion.

The system is, after all, trying to tie something that resists motion the bar, fixed to the frame rails to something constantly in motion the lower control arms Over time, the ball joints in these links can loosen up, the ball joint rubber boot can crack and release grease or allow water inand the rubber bushings on all the end links can crack and lose elasticity that helps reduce noise and vibration transmitted to the body. The effects of old bushings and end links are most notably felt in the front end of the vehicle.

When the front end links loosen up, they tend to cause a momentary shimmy or shake in the wheel and possibly an accompanying clunk as the vehicle traverses bumps during turns. When the rear bushings and endlinks are shot the rear tends to wander a bit more, particularly at speed in a straight line. This can contribute to a false diagnosis that something is wrong with the front end as the driver has to continually correct the car's trajectory with steering as the rear of the car wags like a dog's tail.Hello, Sign In!

Your Andy's account is now active and you're logged in. All available coupons will be applied automatically in your shopping cart! Select Your Vehicle. Year Racing Dynamics. Suspension Techniques. Previous 1 2 Next. Not able to find what you are looking for? The result is less side-to-side lean in turns and less understeer, which means that your vehicle will handle better under most conditions.

Q: Are sway bars available for the front and rear of each vehicle? A: One sway bar is used to tie the front suspension together, and one is used to tie the rear suspension together, so for maximum suspension upgrade, you could buy a front and rear sway bar. When available, they are often sold in complete sets that include the front and the rear.

bmw sway bar

Q: How do you install a sway bar? A: Sway bars are installed by removing your factory end links and sway bar. Re-install the new bushings and position your new sway bar on the vehicle in the OEM location and secure it with the same bolts.

bmw sway bar

Q: Is an anti-sway bar the same as a sway bar? A: Anti-sway bar and sway bar are two terms that mean exactly the same thing. Q: What are sway bars?

Why buy a sway bar? A: Sway bars give your car additional stability. A sway bar is a metal bar that spans the whole entire axle and joins each side of your suspension together.

Aftermarket sway bars they are usually thicker than factory ones, which means they will create a more level ride, reducing body roll and under steer.Enter your email address below and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.

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New Customer Unable to create account, make sure you enter a password and a valid email address. My Account Sign In. BMW 2 Series. BMW 3 Series. BMW 4 Series. BMW 5 Series. BMW 6 Series. BMW 7 Series. BMW 8 Series. BMW Classics. BMW X Series. BMW Z Series. BMW i Series. These bars replace the existing sway bars on the car for a clean and simple upgrade with very little downside. In some cases only a front or rear bar is needed to positively change the balance and make the car more neutral.

Swaybars are sold with new bushings. New links and other hardware are strongly recommended. Sort By:. In Stock.As you drive your car the heading of the front wheels is controlled by the steering mechanism of the car.

When you change direction the steering mechanism changes the heading of the wheels. Inertia acting on the body of the car wants the body to continue in the straight-ahead direction. Because the body is resting on the suspension, the body of the car is forced towards the wheels that are outside on the turn. This causes the outside suspension to compress under the additional load on the suspension. The inside suspension would actually lift a small amount as a result of the load being removed from the inside suspension during the turn.

BMW E90 Rear Sway Bar Install - Part 2 of 2

This action is known as "body roll". Drivers tend not to like excessive body roll since it does not provide a firm ride. The driver would say it feels like they are "floating" around the turn. In an effort to reduce body roll sway bars also known as stabilizer bars connect one side of the suspension to the other. This way when the outside suspension compresses in a turn the torque on the sway bar transfers some of the force to the inside suspension causing it to compress slightly also. This reduces body roll.

Typically, the thinner the sway bar the less torque is applied to the inside suspension. What this means is that, you will feel slightly more body roll. A thicker sway bar will allow more torque to be applied to the inner suspension creating less body roll. Sway bars twist as the suspension moves up and down.

They are held in place with rubber bushings and rotate inside the bushings. In this system, front and rear sway bars are split in two and the halves are connected to each other via hydraulic oscillating motors controlled by valve bodies in turn controlled by an electronic control module. The microprocessor varies vehicle suspension response to suit driving conditions.

During cornering the sway bar response is firmed up for best control and performance, while during normal driving on straight roads the sway bars revert to the comfort setting. During vehicle operation, the sway bar system responds to suspension travel by continuously cycling through closed-loop hydraulic pulses lasting fractions of a second. The active stabilizer control module is located behind the passenger kick panel.

In case of system failure, the control module stores fault codes, which can be accessed using a BMW scan tool or equivalent. Stabilizer links connect the stabilizer bar to the struts front or suspension arms rear. The connecting links wear out over time. When they begin to fail, you may have a knocking noise in the suspension when driving over bumps or when steering the vehicle.

To inspect the front stabilizer links, jack the front of the vehicle and wiggle the wheel back and forth.

BMW Sway Bar Kits

While wiggling the wheel, listen for a noise from the link. If no noise is heard, place your hand around the ends of the link and monitor for looseness as you wiggle the wheel. The rear link has a rubber bushing that the stabilizer bar inserts into. These wear out and cause a clunking sound. If you have a noise in the rear, this is a good place to start looking.Display Options.

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International delivery. United States delivery. Sway Bars Make your car handle like a dream with our vast selection of in-stock sway bars designed to help you corner faster than the competition without emptying your wallet!

We have front and rear sway bars for most any make and model—foreign or domestic—that will fit cars of any age, from late models to vehicles circa Procedure and pictures courtesy of Johnny T. Sway bars tie the lower suspension components together across the front and the back, they affect the car oversteer and understeer.

Bigger sway bars improve stability while cornering, the best setting is fully soft for the front and hard for the back. Front sway bars are plug and play, very easy. Followed the sway bar link replacement directions. Then just drop the bar and replace it. All 13mm nuts on the sway bar.

BMW E46 330i M54 3.0L Sway Bar Parts & Upgrades

Raise the car and put securely on Jack stands. Use wheel chocks on the front tires to prevent roll. There's no need to remove any tires at this point unless you feel the need to. Everything is accessible from below. Rear 20mm compared to 15mm. To order just contact Pacific BMW at ask for mail order dept. Thanks to Phil C. Remove the rear sway bar links using the 13mm socket and 13mm wrench.

BMW BeastPower Brackets

Remove the sway bar brackets using the 13mm socket and extension. Place the bolts and nuts in a secure place, you'll need them later. DO NOT remove the sway bar links from the sway bar. They're so cheap, just replace them. Plus unless you're a bushing magician, you'll damage them during removal.

That was the easy part, now for the work. There's a bracket on the right rear that will interfere with removal of the sway bar. You don't need to remove it, just swing it out of the way. It's held in place with an 18mm nut and bolt. You'll need 2 sockets to remove it. It takes a hard first turn to break it loose, but after that it's simple.

Once the 18mm bolt is removed, take a 22mm socket and place it on the other end of the bracket you'll need to give it a good solid pull and it will turn the entire bracket. I turned the bracket toward the front of the car, away from the wheel well. OK, now you have a loose sway bar and no way to get it off without removing the exhaust. If you have access to a lift, you can probably work it off. On the ground with jack stands there's no way.

Take the floor jack and place it under the exhaust. I put it under the 2 pipes, about 18 inches before entry into the muffler. Starting at the rear, remove the muffler brackets, you'll need the 13mm socket and extension.